Lifted Bells member Seth Engel has been writing and recording as Options since 2008, and July’s What You Want was one of my favorite local emo albums of last year. The guy’s a talented multi-instrumentalist and pop-savvy songwriter who uses complicated guitar patterns sparsely to deliver sharp, catchy songs. The full-band recordings of What You Want are magnetic, and Engel’s equally capable of delivering strong material when he goes acoustic, which he does on the new Tacit in Tact. I’ve kept these songs in rotation since Engel released it on Bandcamp about a couple weeks ago, and while I’m having a hard time picking a favorite right now, I keep returning to the somber “Go,” which is about a close friendship that’s come undone. Engel’s lyrics provide fragmented details about intimate, sacred moments between friends and the seemingly sudden demise of their relationship, which come across doubly painful through Engel’s hushed, downcast singing. Take a listen to “Go” after the jump—it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track—and grab the whole release from Options’ Bandcamp.