Two of New York’s best noise-rock dudes have recently come together to form Uniform, a brand new industrial harsh-noise project, and the results are incredible. The duo is Ben Greenberg, formerly of the Pygmy Shrews and currently in the Men, and Michael Berdan, who was the singer for Drunkdriver, possibly the most brutal noise-rock band of our time. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Our Blood” from Uniform’s upcoming 12-inch and it blends repetitive electronic beats and painfully blown-out guitar feedback with Berdan’s signature damaged, panic-attack vocals. What Uniform is creating is unrelenting, bleak, and scary. I can’t wait to hear more from the project—everything else these two have done has been excellent, so this band’s future tracks are bound to be great. Uniform, who played their first show on 4/9, will be in town in May supporting Iceage. Listen to “Our Blood” below.