I spent the weekend in recovery mode, since I was working hard all last week and couldn’t properly rebound from Lollapalooza; after trudging through that three-day shitstorm, what I needed was to spend a couple days sleeping in, lounging about, and watching whatever was on Netflix. One of the films I caught was Last Days Here, a documentary about Pentagram front man Bobby Liebling and his struggle to cope with crippling lifelong drug addiction (to crack and heroin, among other things).

I’m generally wary of rock docs—it feels like we’re getting more and more dull movies about musicians made by superfans who might not have the greatest grasp of narrative arc or editing—but Last Days Here was emotionally affecting from the moment Liebling appeared on-screen. His history of drug abuse has undercut his decades of attempts to achieve fame and fortune with Pentagram, a doom-metal act from the D.C. area that he founded in 1971; though the band has yet to break big, it’s earned a loyal cult following and something resembling “legendary” status.

Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Forever My Queen,” from a demo Pentagram recorded in 1973.