A389 is a metal label out of Baltimore run by a really cool workaholic named Dom who’s obsessed with 90s metal and hardcore. When he’s not putting out records by bands that are either veterans of that scene or deeply indebted to it, he’s making zines and kids’ clothes and documentaries and stuff. Part of Dom’s thing with A389 is making the music he facilitates freely available to listeners, so he makes everything the label releases streamable on Bandcamp, and frequently releases collections of music for free download. Yesterday he posted the A389 Digital Mixtape MMXIII, which is 40 songs long and features new recordings by Integrity, Full of Hell, Noisem, and a bunch more, as well as previously released material by Ringworm, Eyehategod, Weekend Nachos, and a ton of others. You can stream and/or download it here. And if you hit the jump you can sample the massively evil-sounding “Spared” by New Jersey doom-sludge outfit Pharaoh.