• Jaye Jayle

As explained to me by Young Widows front man Evan Patterson, the story goes like this: during visits to see his girlfriend in Santa Fe, where she’s currently attending grad school, the Louisville native decided to string up an acoustic guitar and experiment with solo work. He never expected much from it—probably just a way to pass the time—describing the first few songs as “tongue-in-cheek.” But after sampling some of the tracks, friends encouraged him to keep on and make a record out of it. And thus Jaye Jayle was born, a lark that became a legitimate solo project (with occasional musical accompaniment from friends).

Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Pull Me Back to Hell,” is a droning, hypnotic desert acoustic number—the simple guitar lick in the foreground both repetitive and haunting—with Patterson testing the airier, fragile side of his vocals, as opposed to the thick drawl he often puts on display in the dark posthardcore of Young Widows. Released by Sophomore Lounge on January 21, it’s the first entry in an ongoing single series by Jaye Jayle; the second installment, which features “The Road to New Mexico,” is up for release via Hawthorne Street Records on 2/25 (they’re available in the web store now).

Patterson is taking the project outside of Louisville for the first time when he heads to Chicago on Friday, February 21. I’d tell you the location if it were at a licensed venue, but because it’s not, you’re going to have to be resourceful. Check out both of the aforementioned tracks below: