For at least the past decade European pop music has stayed constantly a few years ahead of America’s. The fact that Robyn is a massive star there and a cult act here has something to do with it, though whether that’s more of a cause or an effect is unclear. While American pop artists have finally picked up some of the experimental fervidity that their EU counterparts have been working with for a while now, but whether or not an act as quirky as the Danish duo Quadron can make it onto the charts here remains to be seen. Their second LP, Avalanche (which was released in the States last week), sounds at times like one of those nonchalantly funky Erykah Badu cuts zapped with production ideas from the SoundCloud fringe, which sounds like a tough sell. And there’s nothing quite like the looped vocals and slightly drumline-ish programming of the lead single, “Hey Love,” on the charts at the moment. But it’s not a stretch to imagine pop audiences here getting snagged by the song’s bubbly energy and ample hooks. Check it out the single and its equally charming video after the jump.