Because the Reader has recently gotten into the business of exploiting guitarist Ryan Lowry and Raw Nerve, I figured I’d get in one more plug for the hardcore punk band’s final two shows, which go down this weekend—one at a licensed venue, one at a not-so-licensed venue. (I did give them a small writeup in conjunction with my Ceremony preview, but I didn’t have this music then.) Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Wired Nation” from the spankin’ new seven-inch Every Problem Solved, out on Mark McCoy’s Youth Attack! Records. That’s the cover to the left.

Not quite two minutes in length, the track is a slow burner in comparison to the blistering thrash of “old-school” Raw Nerve, but it’s stuffed with the same pleasant, screeching feedback and murderous guitar the band has always specialized in. Though more mature and structured than a machine-gun ripper like “Gas Can”, “Wired Nation” will still make you want to climb over gross, sweaty human bodies and reach for the microphone to scream along.

The band headlines tonight’s all-ages show at Subterannean; Ceremony, the Ropes, and Divine Right open. Noise starts at 7:30 PM. Tomorrow’s show is somewhere else.