I’ve had my eye on Baltimore musical wunderkind Sam Ray ever since I bought a cassette he made under the name Ricky Eat Acid, Haunt U Forever, which the small-run tape label Chill Mega Chill released in 2011. As I came to discover, the dude is quite prolific; he makes drone tracks as Heroin Party, played in an emo-tinged punk group called Teen Suicide, and he’s in a pop project known as Julia Brown, which got the Pitchfork fist bump yesterday. Needless to say Ray has plenty of material to comb through, and I suggest starting with a recent Ricky Eat Acid tune: today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “I Can Hear the Heart Breaking as One.” It’s a haunting and moving ambient track that will wrap around you and send you to the heavens. Take a listen below and dip into the dude’s growing catalog.