There are track teases and then there’s “Deficit,” the first nugget from Russian Circles’ upcoming fifth album, Memorial (out 10/29 via Sargent House), and today’s 12 O’Clock Track. The local instrumental post-rock trio were on their game with the 2011 triumph, Empros, and if this track is any indication, it’s upping the ante. Heavy from the get-go—with guitarist Mike Sullivan hanging walls of atmospheric guitar noise just behind a heavy grooving rhythm—”Deficit” changes course two minutes in, weaving around a snare roll before blowing out a minute later with as hardcore a breakdown as I’ve heard from the band. It’s crushingly tense and likely to incite some primal head banging. And like so many of the band’s songs, even when it’s at its most chug-chugging, the waves of feedback unrolling in the background add an eerie majesty, never allowing the track to feel too tuff. Write the release of this record on your calendar.