Within the category “summer listening” there are a multitude of finer-grained classifications, including “driving in a car to the beach tunes,” “cookout tunes,” and “smoking a joint on a rooftop tunes,” each of which has its own specific requirements. For “so goddamn hot and gross that the thought of doing anything more physically exerting than floating in a pool of cold water tunes,” the main thing is that they should relax you, not excite you. Lowish BPMs, an unaggressive sound, and a general breeziness (in case there’s no actual breeze) are crucial here.

“Like That” by local indie-pop band Save the Clocktower fulfills all of these prerequisites nicely. Their latest full-length, Through the Glass, comes out next Tuesday and is currently available for preorder at a discounted price on their Bandcamp page. Cool off with “Like That” after the jump.