It’s obvious why I chose this old song from Scrawl as today’s 12 O’Clock Track, I hope. The band released it in January 1993 on a split seven-inch in the Simple Machines label’s Working Holiday series; the other half was “Tin Foil Star” by Versus. I remember it dimly from my college-radio days in Houston in the early 90s.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, city of my birth, Scrawl formed in 1985 and since then has consisted of guitarist and singer Marcy Mays, bassist and singer Sue Harshe, and a series of drummers. They haven’t released anything in more than a decade, as far as I can tell, but the band’s ashes aren’t completely cold—just this summer they played Lincoln Hall to help Shellac celebrate their 20th birthday. (Steve Albini recorded the 1993 Scrawl album Velvet Hammer, which came out about the same time as this single.)