As much as I love emo in many of its forms, I sometimes get dispirited after listening to one too many recent albums by bands that just want to be American Football. But there are plenty of groups that see fit to crib only a few notes from the genre’s second-wave acts instead of studying them like they’re a manual, and the resulting sounds are generally fascinating. A number of these off-the-map releases ended up being among my favorite emo albums of last year, including Dreamliner—it’s a noisy and crusty LP from locals Brighter Arrows, whose drummer John Olds also released a couple killer outre emo songs last year as part of a three-piece called Mans. Kid Sister Everything released Mans’ Tape 2013 back in August, and right now I’m stuck on the second song, “This Is My Prime Time,” which is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. It’s a rollicking, heavy number that recalls the colossal, arty sound of the 90s west-coast screamo scene, but with a pop twist that comes halfway through the song, when the guys begin singing a sweet harmony over an angular guitar riff. Check it out below: