• The cover of Segue’s Pacifica

I caught Andy Stott’s set at Lincoln Hall late last night in a somewhat somnambulant state, atypically out late on a Sunday night. But it turned out that that was the best way to listen to Stott’s music, a mostly uninterrupted stream of midtempo bass throbs coated in thick layers of gristle and detritus. His 2012 LP Luxury Problems was one of my favorites of the year, an album where gorgeous female vocals (courtesy of Alison Skidmore, Stott’s piano teacher) jut into rushes of cavernous low-end bumps. Stott’s music is often classified under the increasingly less specific genre known as dub techno, which at this point seems to refer to any kind of music that makes interesting use of space while bearing some of techno’s hallmarks. Regardless, another artist who falls under the ever-expanding dub-techno umbrella is Vancouver’s Jordan Sauer, who performs as Segue. His most recent album, Pacifica, is a different type of dub techno than Stott’s—sunnier, less diffuse, and more humid. But it’s a welcome palate cleanser after Stott’s dirt-caked music, and good for a gray Chicago day like today, when Sauer’s more verdant sound temporarily obscures the bleak weather. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is Segue’s “West Coast Trail,” a down-tempo spray of minor-key melodies gliding over the pitter-patter of muffled techno beats. You can hear it after the jump, and look to grab Pacifica, which is out now on Silent Season.