As you may already know, a Leor Galil cover story a couple weeks ago about the relationship between Chicago rappers and Chicago streetwear companies caused a stir in the local hip-hop community and resulted in a lot of bad vibes thrown our way. While I respectfully disagree with the people who criticize Galil’s story (and I suspect if they were to reread it now, after they’ve cooled down, it won’t look a bit inflammatory), I can see where folks were coming from with their hate for the photo illustration on the cover. Modifying a picture of local rapper ShowYouSuck by covering his face cutout-style with the words “Insert Chicago Rapper Here” wasn’t meant as a dis of ShowYouSuck or anybody else, but every once in a while a well-meaning graphic designer will overlook a seemingly obvious perspective on a visual, and shit happens.

Galil is actually a big ShowYouSuck fan, and so am I. A little more than a week ago he released a new track called “All Rad Everything” on the Internet, and it aptly demonstrates why that is. Over a beat (by producer Cardo) that recalls old-school California electro gods like Arabian Prince and Egyptian Lover, Show delivers a vision of dope living that revolves around junk food, Dave Chappelle skits, and the films of Pauly Shore and John Waters—and his flow is like Big Boi trying to sound like he’s from Houston. Grab a Slurpee, hit the jump, and enjoy.