• Oblation

Floor, a doomy Florida metal band that called it a day in 2004 (a move that allowed singer Steve Brooks to go on and form Torche) underwent a full-blown reunion last year, and their first new album in a decade, Oblation, came out a couple of weeks ago. The band, which originally formed in Miami in 1992, went on a reunion tour in 2010 and noticed that their fan base had multiplied since they were a regularly functioning project, and ultimately decided to go at it full-time again, and today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Sister Sophia,” is off that new record. The three-piece uses two heavily detuned guitars rather than a bass, and their sludgy sound is a whole lot like Torche’s: a metal/pop hybrid that is punishingly loud and heavy as shit, but that all the while focuses on massive hooks and undeniable melodies. The reunited trio is currently on the road, and their tour comes to the Double Door this Sun 5/11.