• That’s some evil chest hair.

In my preview of Danzig’s performance tonight at Riot Fest, I mentioned a few of the silly things Glenn Danzig has done over the past decade or so that have severely tarnished his evil, badass image. More importantly, I also mention how much ass Danzig used to kick. While putting the preview together, I dove headfirst back into the first handful of Danzig albums—it had been years since I listened to them all the way through—and they have stood the test of time incredibly well. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Snakes of Christ,” the second track from 1990’s Danzig II: Lucifuge. This song is hard as nails and Danzig himself sounds incredible on it. There’s a chance that they’ll play this song at the fest tonight (I caught them at Congress Theater a few years back and they did), but it probably won’t sound too great (it sure didn’t at Congress), so spin this track and savor Glenn’s glory days.

Danzig’s set tonight is at 9:30 PM.