• Tierecke/Wikimedia Commons
  • Depeche Mode

I hoped that I could write about Daft Punk‘s new single for today’s 12 O’Clock Track, as some reports indicated that I might be able to hear it by now. But alas, much to my disappointment, it’s 10 AM on Friday and there’s still no sign of the French duo’s new, presumably dazzling song. But a new Depeche Mode single will do, something just as silly, if on the other end of the emotional spectrum. “Soothe My Soul” is the first single off of Delta Machine, their hilariously titled forthcoming album, due for a March 26 release. On this track, the group revives the glam stomp of “Personal Jesus,” but sub in buzzy synth lines for rockabilly guitar lines; Dave Gahan adds “There’s only one way to soothe my soul” to the annals of ridiculous Depeche Mode choruses. In other words: this is boilerplate Depeche. For now, that’s pretty good. Listen to the track below le jump.