Last year the inventive Norwegian singer Mari Kvien Brunvoll released an insinuatingly beautiful and original solo album on Jazzland Records, using just her voice—sampled and looped—and a collection of rustic instruments (kazoo, kalimba, zither) to create dreamy little folk-pop songs. Her music is reconfigured when she joins with stringed-instrument maestro Stein Urheim (who also plays in the terrific Last Hurrah), moving from trippy sylvan pop fantasias toward something that instead warps American folk and, especially, blues. The duo’s new album, Daydream Twin (Jazzland), includes covers of Skip James’s “Crow Jane” and the blues standard “If the River” (as in “was whiskey”), and just about every song Urheim sings reaches across the Atlantic. His singing is deliberate and little bit prosaic compared with Brunvoll’s lush reveries, but the pair create some exciting soundscapes together, tweaking the lattice of strings and small percussion into something half psychedelic, half meditative. I prefer Brunvoll on her own, but there are some terrific songs here, including today’s 12 O’Clock Track offering, “Sound of His Motor,” which collides blues phrasing and rhythmic drive with vaguely East Asian timbres.