“Psycho Killer” is a beyond-obvious choice for a favorite Talking Heads song, but I feel no shame. There aren’t many songs that I’ve been hearing on a regular basis since I was born that I’m still excited to hear coming on the radio, and every time I hear it I find some new feature to admire. Hearing alternate versions is an even more revelatory experience, like a 1978 live rendition on the BBC’s Old Grey Whistle Test where Tina Weymouth’s savage bass line feels like it’s going to reach through the screen and grab you by the throat.

Recently Dazed & Confused magazine premiered an exclusive unreleased recording of “Psycho Killer” where the band’s joined by the late avant-pop cellist, house-music pioneer, and tragic genius Arthur Russell. It’s a radically different arrangement than the version we’re familiar with, and demonstrates exactly how much the band was trying to sound like the Velvet Underground in their early days.

Stream it after the jump.