• photo courtesy FOX TV
  • The truth is out there.

Thanks to Netflix, I’ve been pretty immersed in the brilliant, creepy, and amusingly self-aware 90s TV series The X-Files. I watched some of season two and all of seasons three and four when it was originally on the air, but only upon rewatching the show am I starting to become aware of its true genius. Last night I was watching the season-two episode “Ascension,” and while deranged abductee Duane Barry is driving through the North Carolina woods with agent Dana Scully tied up in the back of his trunk, what’s playing but Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ “Red Right Hand.” That’s something I would have missed back when I originally watched the show, but now I can see that series creator Chris Carter must have sensed some kinship between Cave’s noir-tinged, whiskey-soaked lounge act and The X-Files‘ dark, campy vibe. This is one of Cave’s more Tom Waits-y numbers, originally appearing on the singer’s strong 1994 album Let Love In. Check it out below.