The name Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys is demanding not to be taken seriously, and when the foursome from Sydney started fiddling around with their jangly, Westerberg-happy sound, I think that’s pretty much what they were going for. But having released their debut full-length, Ready for Boredom, earlier this year on the do-no-wrong, upstart R.I.P. Society garage label—run by Nic Warnock, the band’s bassist—they’re worth more than just your mild attention. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Any Day Now,” is a perfectly orchestrated bit of restless 90s alt-rock: scratchy, cracking vocals that go for keys they know they can’t hit and perfect, cutting guitar leads that ache, almost in a sarcastic way, as they rise and fall. From what I had heard from BWBB prior to this album—that is, a pair of seven-inches—I seriously can’t believe how good this song is (but I already made that point, didn’t I?). Check out the video below.