Gotta love the bargain bin. During a recent deep dig through one chock full of five-dollar LPs I happened across These Are PowersAll Aboard Future, released by Dead Oceans in 2009. The album was one of the Brooklyn band’s final releases before it split in 2011, and it kicks off with the jagged, experimental rock/electro track, “Easy Answers.” Easily the album’s best cut—and, can you believe it, today’s 12 O’Clock Track—the thick, peculiarly hardcore jam is complemented by the cool nonchalance and sultriness of Anna Barie’s vocals as the rhythms and streaks of noise shoot every which way. The only time I caught These Are Powers was in the basement of the Co-Prosperity Sphere way back when, and the venue’s depths only added an appealing sinisterness to the trio’s already dark sound. Moral of the story: buying the record was five bucks very well spent. The single’s out-there video is below.

“Easy Answers” by These Are Powers from Secretly Jag on Vimeo.