Weird ain’t always right, but Raleigh’s Whatever Brains typically walk the fine line between obnoxious and bizarre, playing a grimy kind of hardcore art-punk, complete with Doc Dart-like whiny snarls. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “The Senator,” comes from the band’s new self-titled LP—its third self-titled album, actually—out now on Chapel Hill’s Sorry State Records. Aside from a hard lean toward Crucifucks territory, the track has a Mclusky noise-rock vibe—minus a bit of the piss and vinegar—with an added night-stalker aesthetic as front man Rich Ivey gnarls at the guitar melody with his all-nasal vocal attack. It’s creepy and fun as long as you’re willing to accept that those two qualities can coexist.

Coming soon to a DIY space near you, no doubt.