The first two minutes of today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “What’s Holding You?,” are held together pretty well. The vocals and guitar of Lorena Quintanilla (Lorelle) melt over the rhythms laid down by Alberto Gonzales (the Obsolete). Reverb is not in short supply, but the Mexican duo keeps a handle on it—again, for the first couple of minutes. Following that, a space-age guitar lead lets loose, panning from one speaker to the next and sounding like it’s trying to saw its way out, as the drums, warm bass line, and various other percussion kick on repeat. And just as you’re fully taken by the trance, the track fades out. “What’s Holding You?” is the opener from the recent album Chambers, dropped by Captcha Records this past March.

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete headlines a show at the Hideout this Fri 5/23, with Onyou and Magic Castles opening.