Prior to leaving last year’s Moniker Records showcase at the Empty Bottle, I caught just a snippet of a dark, brooding psych project called Jealousy, built by San Fran’s Mark Treise. I had initially only stopped in for a set by Stacian—Dania Luck’s one-woman show of celestial synth and unnerving vocal melodies—following the release of her full-length Songs for Cadets. But Jealousy caught me for a second on my way out as Treise, an imposing and brooding figure alone and onstage, front and center, weaved through sparse, delayed arrangements accompanied by lyrics sitting somewhere between poetry and whispered ravings. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “We’re Having Your Children,” from Jealousy’s Moniker-released album, Viles, out last September. It bubbles with a stark creepiness that swells in intensity as the track progresses and Treise’s seething vocals become more lucid. Like he’s hunting you down.