Since adding the infectious chart-topper “I Just Want Some Skank” to the Reader‘s interactive jukebox a couple of weeks back, I’ve been working through the Circle Jerks’ inimitable catalog of 80s SoCal hardcore punk. And while record shopping in Madison last week, I was lucky enough to come across a vinyl copy of Wonderful, the band’s fourth studio album, and one maybe not held in the same regard as punk staples like Group Sex and Wild in the Streets (though it more than deserves to be).

The album’s title track, and today’s 12 O’Clock Track, features front man Keith Morris being damn near precious—though undoubtedly tongue-in-cheek—as he sings beauties like “Don’t smoke, don’t litter / Don’t step on a beetle or ant” and “Help an old person across the street / Give the bum something to eat.” Not to mention, there’s a catchy and playful whistling melody in the song that follows along with a Greg Hetson guitar line. And whistling is never not a good idea.