• Spray Paint spray painted every copy of Spray Paint

It’s early in 2013, and I’m already overwhelmed by the quality of records that have come out—at least in the realm of the gross and weird music I prefer to subject myself to. My current favorite of the year thus far is without a doubt Spray Paint‘s self-titled debut LP on S.S. Records. The Austin trio plays jumpy noise-punk with a wonky, sketchy vibe and a country-fried drawl. From the beginning to the end of this record, it’s two dry, oddly tuned guitars locked in a nonstop battle for sonic space while a couple of dudes who both sound incredibly uncomfortable and paranoid chant in unison. At last year’s SXSW festival I saw Spray Paint play on a particularly beer-soaked afternoon in a 100-degree record store. The hazy, unpleasant Texan heat was the perfect backdrop for the band’s disenchanted anti-rock. They were one of my favorite acts of that entire trip, and I am overjoyed that their new record far surpassed my expectations. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Yawn Factory,” the second song from the LP.