Food for Animals doesn’t much care for conventional hip-hop. Producer Ricky Rabbit (Nick Rivetti) carves out beats from glitchy noise and crackling feedback—most often placing the group well outside the category of Best Buy-appropriate hip-hop and much more into an experimental, what-the-hell-is-happening noise territory of your local in-the-know record store. But what keeps the tracks moving forward for the D.C. posse is the work of MCs Vulture Voltaire (Andrew Field-Pickering) and HY (Sterling Warren), who find the rhythm within an unrhythmic structure. They rap through the hidden beats in a way that flows almost supernaturally. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Bulk Gummies,” is one of the more straightforward of the band’s tracks from its 2007 album, Belly. It gurgles and sweeps in staggered clips and makes the listener work to find the backbone. I can’t find any record of what the group has released since Belly—implying they’re either defunct or on indefinite hiatus—but the album continues to unearth a new wrinkle every time I spin it.