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  • Kit

This week’s edition of Gossip Wolf includes some news about Kit, the Chicago-via-Cincinnati rapper behind last year’s moody, subterranean New Wavey mixtape. As Gossip Wolf mentions, the MC recently linked up with west-coast producer Dixie Hype and made a tune called “I Bop,” an homage to the posi, ebullient bop scene born on Chicago’s west side. Given the subject at hand, it kind of sounds like Dixie Hype took the high-pitched, melodic synths from a number made for bopping and slowed them down to help create the hazy, leaned-out melody that’s very much in Kit’s wheelhouse; to fit the spirit of the song, Kit uses a bit of Auto-Tune on his vocals and sings about, well, bopping.

I can just imagine bop kings Lil Kemo and Dlow dancing to “I Bop,” and Kit tells me he’s hoping to make a video for the track with those scene icons. Take a listen to the Gossip Wolf premiere of “I Bop” below—it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track.