New Moon

  • New Moon

The Men, perhaps best known for their wild genre-hopping and exquisite heads of hair, released a new song this week: a preview of their upcoming full-length album, which drops in March. The band caught the world’s ear with the bombastic posthardcore of their second LP, Leave Home, in 2011, then sparked controversy with the release of their 2012 follow-up, Open Your Heart, which includes a handful of straight-up country songs and a title track that sounds just a tiny bit like the Buzzcocks. From the sounds of today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Electric,” it almost feels like the Men are leveling off, blending the punk fury of Leave Home with the slight poppiness of Open Your Heart. But this is only one song, and this is the Men, so no one can be too sure of what’s truly in store until New Moon arrives.