Back in 2007, when New York label DFA was releasing some of its strongest material, it dropped the self-titled LP of a band called Shocking Pinks. With their lo-fi treatment of slurred, romantic noise-rock, the group sounded like early My Bloody Valentine merged with the Clean—minus either band’s penchant for maximum distortion via either engulfing levels of feedback (the former) or cheap recording techniques (the latter). The band was a charming, shopworn anomaly amid the stylish punk-disco of almost everything else the label releases. In the six years since that excellent debut, I’ve wondered what happened to Shocking Pinks—which is basically just the moniker of New Zealander Nick Harte—only to find out yesterday that they’re releasing a triple album in mid-February (though this time not on DFA). I’m a little concerned, since three discs’ worth of the group might be overkill. But judging by today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Not Gambling,” they sound perfect in short bursts—their hazy, ramshackle, lush lo-fi pop swoons and surges at the same time. Check it out below the jump.