Like any self-respecting Chicagoan, I’ve been really into kicking back and hanging out on porches as of late. Mine in particular. And when you pair that summer setting with some moderately priced bourbon and a record player, you’re usually all set for the evening. But what soundtrack is most appropriate for smoking cigs with a majestic view of your alleyway? As of late I’ve been blasting a good bit of snotty, dirty garage punk, such as Tyvek, the K-Holes, or any other band that has a decent chance of showing up on the bill for next year’s HoZac Blackout. Kind of like Video from Denton/Austin, who played the fest a couple years back. Like most of Denton’s punk acts, Video is a mutation of other bands’ other bands, and those other bands’ other bands, and so on. So let’s not bother with trying to piece that together.