Netherfriends main man Shawn Rosenblatt is ambitious—he wrote and recorded a song in every state for a project called 50 Songs 50 States, which he released in full last year via an interactive online map. The psych-pop multi-instrumentalist has since dropped one of my favorite albums of the year, the life-affirming P3ACE, and he continues to build on that album with a five-part film project, “Untitled.” Rosenblatt has already released the first three parts of “Untitled,” and today’s 12 O’Clock Track is the exclusive premiere of the fourth part, which is a music video for the beautifully melancholic “Birthday.” The clip shows Rosenblatt playing in a gloomy pub for a handful of glum regulars, and he gesticulates and shouts as if he’s playing to an arena packed with cheering fans. Watch “Birthday” below and be sure to head to Emporium on Wed 7/9 to see Netherfriends alongside local rapper Chris Crack, Albuquerque rock outfit You, and Vermont psych group Pours—it’s a free show and it starts at 9 PM.