I was first introduced to local singer-songwriter Ty Maxon back in February when he and Ryan Suzuka performed during WBEZ’s The Morning Shift. His Sam Beam-style acoustic yarns were a pleasant, mellow beginning to the day—similar to much of The Morning Shift‘s usual musical programming (Helen Money was on yesterday, for example). Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is Maxon’s “To Theoda,” from the album Calling of the Crows. The song is a delicate mix of banjo and acoustic guitar, with harmonica floating through the background, often stepping up front to gently carry the melody. Maxon’s vocals practically border on whispering, as if he were recording the album in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere—but still anxious he may disturb the surrounding wildlife.

Maxon plays the Hideout on Fri 3/29, along with Small Houses and Sean Hoots.