The cover of TIger & Woods Through the Green

  • The cover of Tiger & Woods’s Through the Green

Tiger & Woods are a duo who specialize in extracting snippets from disco and R&B tracks, a few of which they then loop into long, focused, propulsive dance-floor jams. The New York disco revivalists Escort enlisted them to remix their already excellent single “Barbarians,” and rather than lay a loop of their own underneath Escort’s song, Tiger & Woods just take their approach right to the source material. The result is a cut-up of “Barbarians” that might best the original, loosening some of Escort’s coiled energy with stray keyboard lines beaming over a groundwork of glitchy vocal effects and floor-crushing beats. Since Tiger & Woods spliced “Barbarians,” you don’t quite expect the original vocal to play over the remix. But when Escort singer Adeline Michele’s vocals are shrewdly introduced about halfway through, the craftiness with which Tiger & Woods execute their style is all the more impressive to behold. Check it out below the jump.