• Todd Edwards

There are something like a million afterparties happening over Pitchfork weekend. One of the best-looking ones is the Boiler Room party happening on Saturday. If you’re not already familiar, Boiler Room‘s whole thing is throwing parties at secret locations in cities around the globe headlined by the some of the biggest names in underground dance music and hip-hop, the ones who are at the very tipping point of mainstream popularity that have yet to make the final step over, and broadcasting them online, so you can watch people in Berlin dance along to someone’s neo-disco DJ set, or something along those lines. I’ve been to a couple of them and can testify that despite the awkwardness that can come with knowing your dance moves are being broadcast over the Internet to strangers, they’re superfun.

The Pitchfork edition is going to be headlined by minimal-techno wunderkind Nicolas Jaar, with support from a quartet of Chicago footwork DJs and edgy producer Ryan Hemsworth, among others. Also on the bill is producer-DJ Todd Edwards, who makes house music that pays tribute to the elegant, tasteful side of the style that most modern underground producers tend to emphasize, as well as the fun but campy side that a lot of them seem to overlook, probably on purpose.

Hit the jump to stream Edwards’s remix of Toxic Avenger’s “Toxic is Dead,” and hit up the party’s RSVP list before it’s full to catch him for free.