Taking into account their overwrought, long-winded band name and knack for writing sweeping, emotional posthardcore epics, . . . And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead were built to rule the moody, dyed-black-hair scene of the early aughts. And in their early Interscope phase, they did. This is mostly because of the revered Source Tags & Codes, the Austin band’s major-label debut, still acknowledged as its masterpiece—though they righted the ship with 2012’s Lost Songs, there were definitely a couple clunkers released between 2005 and 2011.

Just over a dozen years since its release, Source Tags is very much still tied to Trail of Dead, and tomorrow at the Empty Bottle the band is going to play the album in full (along with some other cuts from its two decades together). If you’re a sucker for nostalgia—because who isn’t to some degree?—it looks like there are still some tickets left for the early show. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “It Was There That I Saw You,” is the album’s opener—and the long, rapid snare rolls are still cool.