• Everything

After Nine Inch Nails’ absolutely punishing set at Lollapalooza a few weeks back, the last thing I would have ever expected the band to put out was a straightforward pop-rock number. But that’s exactly what Trent Reznor did this Monday when he debuted today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Everything,” on BBC Radio 1. The newest single from the band’s upcoming Hesitation Marks is so weird simply because it’s such an extreme departure from the intensely heavy and unfathomably bleak sounds that they’re known for. Moving past initial surprise, though, you can eventually settle in and really enjoy “Everything,” a perfectly crafted pop jam, which features lush vocal harmonies, sunny hooks, an uptempo beat, and fun synth bubbles in the end. This may not be the NIN you’ve grown to love—and I’m pretty sure the band’s fan base wouldn’t be too happy if they went full-on bubblegum—but for just one song, this is truly great. I can’t stop listening to it.