I’ve been asleep at the wheel about the new album by excellent Bay Area instrumental quartet Tussle. The group’s new Tempest (Smalltown Supersound) was released last week after several delays, but despite PR clogging my inbox about its impending arrival over the past few months, this exciting news only registered in my even more clogged brain after I read Jon Caramanica’s positive review in this Sunday’s New York Times. I finally got around to listening to the record today, and it doesn’t disappoint, though it does depart from its predecessor in certain ways. Short-lived New York avant-funk group Liquid Liquid remains the most useful point of reference for Tussle’s sound, but the band has worked with Scottish producer and DJ JD Twitch, which has softened the music’s angular attack if not its fierce danceability. There are more electronics in the mix and the drum sound is less harsh, but the music also sounds more individual, its house-informed fury moving away from strict homage toward something less bound to genre or era. I’ve still got a lot to absorb, but my first impression is pretty great. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “Eye Context,” and it’s after the jump. For the time being at least, you can also stream the whole album at the New Yorker.