I’m a bit of a freak about art-rock outfit TV on the Radio. For example, as a college senior enrolled in a small liberal arts school outside of Boston, I hopped a bus down to Brooklyn to catch guitarist-singer Kyp Malone play a solo set—it didn’t matter that I knew nothing about his non-TVOTR music, I just wanted to hear his heartbreaking falsetto in person. I don’t have to travel nearly as far to get a similar experience tonight, as Malone is on the bill for tonight’s free Empty Bottle show. The dude is doing two sets—the first is a solo set and the second is with his new band, Ice Balloons, whose “Dragonfly” is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. It’s a scuzzy garage track loaded with spiky, acid-fried synths—take a listen after the jump, and check out the rest of the group’s 2013 self-titled album at their Bandcamp page.