Tim and Ty

  • Tim and Ty

What can’t Ty Segall do? He goes from strength to strength—from the fuzzed-out stomp of his Sonics-worshiping solo debut to the dirty bubblegum pop of 2010’s Melted—and always stands head and shoulders above the sea of faceless garage rock acts. Segall is mostly a one-man band on his recordings, but at times he’s collaborated with others—usually folks who share his predilection for nonstop musical output, such as John Dwyer or Mikal Cronin. The newest addition to his impressive discography is a collaborative LP with Tim Presley’s White Fence project. Presley, also of Darker My Love and Strange Boys, is a student of the same school of psychedelic garage as Segall, and today’s 12 O’Clock Track is from their forthcoming album.