The Argentine label ZZK has earned its reputation as the pioneering factory of electro-cumbia music, adapting the ubiquitous Colombian folk and pop style for usage in global bass culture. With the release of Viene de Mi, the imprint shakes up its aesthetic a bit—La Yegros is a singer, and while there are plenty of electronic flourishes and beats on the album (many courtesy of producer Gaby Kerpel, who’s recorded for ZKK as King Coya), it delivers a much more conventional, song-oriented approach than what the label is known for. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is album opener “Viene de Mi,” and its pumping cumbia setting (with accordion by Alejandro Franov, a longtime collaborator of singer Juana Molina) is a bit of an anomaly. Before long, hazy digi-dub grooves, dancehall-style vocals, and hip-hop exert a strong presence alongside the galloping cumbia and vallenato.