• http://violetness.bandcamp.com/
  • The cover of Last Night in My Dreams, I Was Talking to You

This year’s stubborn winter may finally have given up the ghost, but that doesn’t mean icy, brooding tunes have to go with it. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is from Violetness, aka Chicago-based singer-songwriter Vanessa Upson: “The Mighty Moss” is an ethereal jam off her debut EP, Last Night in My Dreams, I Was Talking to You, and it sounds like a white shadow of one of Bjork’s best nightmares.

The intro teeters between lonesome purrs and teakettle whistles, and then a cluster of harmonies swoops in to detonate in an unshakeable, cathartic hook. Eerie reverb wraps Upson’s vocals, and thumping tribal drums anchor it to the bridge. A Peruvian-American with roots in California, Upson has some training as a pianist, but it doesn’t necessarily show in her emotive lyrics and sultry arrangements—and the remainder of the three-song EP moves between wheezing synths and gratuitous overdubs. Violetness hasn’t amassed an expansive catalog yet, but her music has a vastness to it already—and the melancholic decadence of “The Mighty Moss” bodes well for whatever comes next.