• Young Reckless Hearts

A couple of years ago Oakland-based glammy-garage rock band Bare Wires called it a day, and front man Matthew Melton immediately started up Warm Soda, whose second record, Young Reckless Hearts, is due out on Castle Face Records in March. The glam-rock spirit of Bare Wires is still present in Warm Soda, but the lo-fi vibe and behind-the-beat swagger is gone, and in its place is slick, clean production and a straightforward power-pop energy. On today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “When Your Eyes Meet Mine,” a preview from Young Reckless Hearts, the band is mellowing out and relaxing slightly, creating a beautiful, airy groundwork for their insanely catchy pop hooks. Channeling Cheap Trick and Slade, this isn’t the typical thing you hear out of the garage-heavy Castle Face camp, but it’s a welcome and refreshing sound. Check out this great song after the jump.