More gruff and trudgy than your typical modern-day leaky-basement hardcore, Denton band Wiccans travel in the same circles as ruff-and-tumble acts such as Pissed Jeans, Omegas, and Cruddy—in fact, Wiccans just happen to be playing an in-store with Cruddy at Permanent Records next Thursday. They also share or have shared members with about a hundred other Denton bands (Video, Wax Museums, Bad Sports, Mind Spiders, et cetera).

The Texans are currently on tour in support of their new eight-song LP, Field II (Katorga Works), which features today’s 12 O’Clock Track, “Telepathy.” After beginning with a crunchy, old-school stomp, the track picks up speed—behind Adam Cahoon’s often unintelligible barking, it chugs along with the fury of an out-of-control dump truck filled with lit M-80s. If you like your punk rock soaked in piss and vinegar, well, then Wiccans are pretty much exactly your bag.