Singer-songwriter Will Johnson rules for a number of reasons. One is that he’s a massive baseball fan—not only will he sing a national anthem, but he also picked up baseball painting a few years back. He’s also wildly prolific, hammering out solo albums as well as albums with side projects of side projects—or collaborating with like-minded talents like the late Jason Molina. However, my exposure to Johnson happened through the Denton band Centro-matic, and, more specifically, the opening track from Dual Hawks, “Rat Patrol and DJs” (the album itself is actually a split with another one of Johnson’s bands, South San Gabriel.) Today’s 12 O’Clock Track, the number is at its core a two-minute dusty pop song with an undeniable chorus that’s not much more than Johnson’s vocals hanging onto a note. It’s just the aching sincerity in his delivery that does all the work of hooking you in.