I’ve written before on this blog about the album Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson, but if you know me in real life you’ve probably heard me gush about it on a regular basis. The sweet sound of Willie in his late-1970s prime singing the catalog of one of the era’s best country songwriters is so close to perfection that about once a year I go through a phase where it’s pretty much all I listen to.

And every time I go through one of those phases, there’s a different track that I fixate on. For the WSK phase I’m currently in, it’s “You Show Me Yours (And I’ll Show You Mine),” a lilting midtempo ballad with a lyric that combines sappy 70s touchy-feeliness with rough-hewn redneck humor built around a really bad pun. If that weren’t enough, Willie’s just-behind-the-beat phrasing is at its best here, and with his honey-sweet vocals and tender guitar work he elevates a song that could easily have ended up a novelty number to a straight-up tearjerker.

Check it out after the jump.