According to the post at Fake Shore Drive where I discovered “Chill the Fuck Out,” WWNNN is a duo made up of Sin and Mic Vittorio, and according to the credits the song features Hollow and Lavish Mzck. I don’t know anything about any of these people except that Sin is 19 years old and has a Tumblr called Room Full of Dope Shit, which is a really great name for a Tumblr; that’s where I found out that their name is supposed to stand for “We Winnin’,” which I probably would’ve never ever figured out on my own. I also know that “Chill the Fuck Out” is absolutely bananas. Half the song is an absurd, extreme funhouse-mirror interpretation of Lex Luger-style trap beats (are those 128th-note hi-hats?) and half of it is like recent Kanye stuff given a DayGlo makeover. (Samples of James Brown grunts being back in style gets a huge thumbs-up.) They’ve got a bunch of stuff on SoundCloud, and after listening to this track over and over I can’t wait to dig into the rest of it.

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