Yes, we’ve covered the Humboldt Park punk-rock carnival that is Riot Fest pretty damn extensively, but believe it or not there’s plenty more music going on this weekend, including the Hideout Block Party & A.V. Fest. Wilco’s playing, so needless to say the fest is very sold out, but those of you fortunate enough to procure tickets ought to know that Jeff Tweedy and company aren’t the only act worthy of your attention.

Baltimore indie-rock duo Wye Oak—a band the Reader has said lots of good things about over the years—is one such act. My first show after moving to Chicago in 2008 happened to be Wye Oak at the Hideout, on the heels of Merge’s rerelease of the band’s debut album, If Children. Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack played to maybe 30 people that night, only stopping when, as Wasner put it, “We can’t play anymore—those are all the songs we have.” The pair have since released two more albums through Merge, The Knot and last year’s stellar Civilian, and now they’re playing their airy yet soulful brand of wistful indie rock not at a cute, shy, underattended show but at a blown-out block party headlined by one of Chicago’s most beloved institutions.

Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is my favorite song from Wye Oak’s If Children, “Warning.”