• Xasthur’s Subliminal Genocide

I’m anxiously awaiting the third and final installment of this month’s One Man Metal documentary—the first two have already been posted by Noisey, a video-based music division of Vice. The series profiles three of the most punishing one-man black-metal projects: Leviathan, Striborg, and Xasthur. While watching it, I found myself most fascinated with Scott Conner, aka Malefic, the man behind Xasthur. This documentary is the first time he’s showed his face on film (in promo photos and for live appearances he wears full corpsepaint), and he welcomed the cameraman into the tiny space where he works. It’s surprising to see that his gigantic, cavernous-sounding recordings are created with little more than a tape machine in a bedroom. Today’s 12 O’Clock Track is “The Prison of Mirrors” from Xasthur’s 2006 Hydra Head release Subliminal Genocide, which shows off Malefic at his best and most brutal.